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Mission Statement, to BOLDLY GO....

MISSION STATEMENT: ENDLESS WINTER SNOW is about The steep, deep, extreme & unique International Big Mountain skiing & snowboarding resorts news, events, updates and related subjects.Also included is travel industry news,accomidations,budgeting suggestions and resources.It is my intent to bring a wide spectrum of snow sports related topics, to a consortium single source portal with greater PEAK experience information available in wireless (RSS-XML) format.

This is also part of a continuing adventure with the Mountains , Resorts, chasing Winter with a group of friends.
My season ( cycle ) typically would start at Timberline ( Mt Hood ), mid Sept, to Sierra crest ( Donner Pass ) or my friends referred to as the ( TDB, Bill , Tie Dye Crew ) at Round Top Sonora Pass or Tioga Pass ( Ellery Chute / Dana Cyn ).
Oct usually is a time I take time for traveling to ( Indoor slopes & Dry slopes ), John's www.slope8.com YES you can snowboard in Hong Kong.
Kent's www.adventureski.comSan Diego Ca and Sam's http://www.endlesslope.com/ Sacramento,Ca The powers that be, referred to as FROSTY, were with me this year Big Time. Lord of the Boards, "Mr. C " opened Squaw on Oct 30th ,Halloween Weekend. All are welcome!
And away we Go ,.........


Blogger summit said...

Final weekend for SV
Mammoth open conditions permiting,
MT Hood in good shape,
Whistler open Till about June 5 then Blackcomb,....

12:35 PM, May 27, 2005

Blogger Laurie said...

i had no idea there was a siberia here.

live and learn

enjoy the snow

7:54 PM, May 27, 2005


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