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Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is the name of the mountain range lying in the south of Anhui province PRC. Mt. Huangshan is famous for its spectacular spines, oddly wind swept pines, crystal-clear mountain springs and the clouds covering the highest peaks: the Lotus Flower Peak (Lianhua Feng) at 1864m, followed by the Bright Summit Peak (Guangming Ding) and the Celestial Peak (Tiandu Feng). The scenery lures countless artist seeking tranquility. The Huangshan mountain range has been designated as a national park and declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These mountains are very Rough and the spires hve very irregular peaks. Often in paintings these mtn have trees hanging on to rock walls 100m above level ground.
Almost the illusion of airbrushed.

9:03 PM, July 12, 2005


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