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The Unique: A couple weeks ago I decided to blog search while on amarketing break. I found Chatter Creek on "Blogger" and my break turned into a lunch break
I think both the deep factor and the cat skiing factor make this worth a mention.
I'll admit, I knew of a fair amount about different B.C. back country groups but Chatter Creek was stelth and under this guy in( Calif) radar. Must be a a Canadian (CSS) Canadian Skiers Secret.
Dan Hudson photographs a Chatter Creek snowcat and cat skiing group at South Park. South Park is a large alpine bowl located south of Vertebrae Lodge. See the Cat Skiing Terrain photo gallery for a better look at South Park.A year ago, Chatter Creek was awarded a heli-skiing tenure that lies mostly outside of the cat skiing tenure (which has more recently been expanded by an additional 108 sq km). The heli-skiing terrain is to the north, east and south of the cat skiing areas.

This will be a limited program, with space for just 40 clients among four tours, so anyone interested in exploring Chatter Creek's new heli-skiing tenure should contact the office ASAP.

Photo: Mark Gallup

Spoke with John. T near Goverment Camp Or. Fri.Mt Hood has been dusted and work goes on for enhancements for the season ahead. I have been at Timberline in OCT two years ago with my summer gear ( nylon zip off pants )vest and sunscreen. Luckly , this was not a trip that was camping at nearby Truillium Lake because the Dense fog turned into condensded snow -hail mix.He had asked about my editorial comments. Ok. One example is . While "not sanctioned" and most likely requires a USFS permit I "may" have enjoyed a run from Top of Palmer to Stormin Norman via "Paint Brush, 'Snaggle puss' say's " EXIT STAGE RIGHT..." to the Power line down to Goverment Camp old sky Tavern. OK to keep the powers that be in their chair. OBEY the closure signs, have a United states Forest permit in required and if The "POwer Line" is closed, it is closed.I am Not encouraging anyone to violate the terms and conditions on the lift ticket.I happen to think the Powerline must be one of North Amnerica's Longest runs.(UNofficially speaking that is )That was not an endorsement THank You! and in some areas rescue will cost more than a houe payment. KnOw before you go Bottom lineOther good times wee a Patroller from Hungary / Slovanin taking me out for 11:00 am cream corn on the permiter of the zig-zag glacier. The kids were pullling the gates, I asked a coach if I pull the bottom five could I make a round, and I'll pull next time through. DONE . SO riding up Palmer I caught a Patroller and mentioned I was from San Francisco," Hey , Take me on a traverse and Long arc back " He said OK
Not a big deal but as the afternoon went on, and the sun moves, I was able to get a couple more cruises across the sun cupped glacier feeling I found some!
Then the Honey bee's found my granola bar and it was time to vector back


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