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Rhode Island, Squaw Valley California and The Entire Ski Industry

Photo: SV Ski Corp " Alex's House"

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Alexander Cushing, Chairman President of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation,... my backyard.
"Alex" was key in bringing the 1960 Winter Olympics To California and convincing The USOC that Squaw had the Mountian, the ability and the desire to Host the first winter games to be on TV and put Lake Tahoe on the map as a major winter sports destination.
I personally could recite many of the "Firsts" he was responsible for. I could look forward to his annual letter to the pass holders mentioning the "Steely eyed bankers" when there was an increase in prices. His views, especially of Copa Cabana , south american beaches and his travels were always light hearted enough to make "THE LETTER" amusing.
His reference in the early days naming some of the lifts after east coast locations, was interesting. Newport, East Broadway, the original Tram, car 1 , The "Conneticut General".
Alex, did things his way "Full speed ahead" God bless him.
During the Olympic Torch relay that passed thru Squaw in 2002, I had a chance to speak WITH him as he smiled with the OLYMPIC flame burning behind him.
Alex sent me a personal letter a couple years back thanking me for a X-mas card. ...The Night before X-mas and all around SV, the chairs were ready,....ready as can be. The six packs were hung, and serviced "with care", just like His hat, Alex was there,....
I have come to use "ONWARD" a direct result of Alex's influence on my letter writing style.
To those that have experienced SQUAW, there is a huge loss. To those Alex has faced in business dealings, a unique character!. To those that have worked for SV Ski Corp, there is nothing like "that family".
The house under Squaw Peak lift with the 2 vintage snocats, is silent. The "Cushing Classic" Pond Crossing a ritual with springs "Writing on the Wall" that the end of the season is at hand, now seems like a sacred honor.
A Pioneer, a good man, a visionary and a deeply respected man I cherished in my own way.
To "Nan" his family, my friends at SV. I am truly saddened for the great loss , Thanks, for the Memories
The Slopes are silent



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