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Why. Because I'm not on the FIS team training year round and the season is never long enough What you will find are: A- Global resorts that are open for skiing and riding: 11+ months a year Mt Hood / Zermatt / Stubai Glacier Innsbruck B- The significant resorts with an extended season ( ..past Easter until the the base is 00.00 )... as conditions allow Alpine Meadows, Squallywood, Whistler , Tignes Fr, Verbier, Jungfrau if you want to Hike AND can afford a guide C- The other hemisphere's winter; Las Lenas, Portillo, Val Nevado , Tasman Glacier Nz D- Indoor slopes, coming soon .......the Las Vegas Sno dome E- Dry slopes: Moving Mountains, Magic Carpets, Endless slopes,...... great learning / conditioning tools 7000 verticle / hr , no lift line, no wind hold, and rapid learning F- The unique: The outdoor dry slope in Mexico, ... http://www.slope8.com in Hong Kong http://www.hbski.com/ylxd.htm peoples republic of China .... and small plugs along the way for those that made contributions beyond expectations. First plug: visiting CH / interlaken / Wengen .... http://www.wengenlodge.ch/ENGLISH/home_E.htm Wengen lodge, part B&B part hostel GReat rates, a view to a thrill, 1 rail stop beyond Laterbrunnen (Waterfalls ) Christine and family are a wonderful ! View of Jungfrau summit ! .....Sincere thanks to those that helped, Bob the "Devil" the knowledge, Snoid Linde the shop, Kent Bry, San Diego for an afternoon session in the middle of Aug., Sam and the damn Chimp ! Sacramento-SFO on call, Bob Howard (Hammer Man ), Sports promotions RenoNevada. and Retail ConcepTs ( Sun & Ski Sports ) various locations with Ski Machines previously Milpitas CA NExt up , further refinements ......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

details wanted about
"Pipeline" at the bird

I know where the herminator,...
bookends ...directions please

2:45 PM, June 09, 2005


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