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Jackson Hole’s Aerial Tram in Teton Village will be retired at the end of the 2006 summer season after 40 years of tireless service, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort officials announced today.

JHMR owners, the Kemmerer Family, in conjunction with Resort Management have decided that, while experts assess the aerial tram would be operable for multiple years, it should be decommissioned before any safety concerns arise. As a result, the Aerial Tram will close September 2006 after 40 years of incredible service. of the 60’s that’s been going 100% summer and winter and has earned a graceful retirement.”

“No doubt, this is a very difficult announcement to make – the tram is part of Wyoming’s signature tourism image – but we want to be direct and honest with the public and invite you all to the Tram’s big retirement party,” he said.
“We are currently looking at long term strategies and planning to add millions more to the mountain. The Tram replacement would be $20 million on top of already $55 million invested on the mountain to date. That’s a costly proposition and we will need to have the support of the public and possibly the state to be able to move forward with a Tram replacement alternative,” Blann said.
The Aerial Tram is a nationally and internationally recognized icon for Jackson Hole and Wyoming. The significance of decommissioning this critical attraction is not being underestimated by JHMR officials and they will start an immediate outreach to season passholders, state and local officials and other important stakeholders. The following priorities have been identified as key planning initiatives: ....Someone call Garavanta Ch
On the brighter side ...Sweetwater Triple ChairLift currently being installed.
Photo courtesy of Jacksonn Hole Media room


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