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Peter with Ski Himalaya, India has sent in a few photos.
This is Mt.Apharwat ( Kashmir Region )showing what the locals refer to as the banana chutes. Keep in mind the distance from the chutes these were taken.There are some resorts that would fit nicely into either of the "B1" or "B2" chutes. Additionally along one of the right desending finger ridge line, is a Large capacity gondola. Summit can be hiked for those wanting a "CAT" pick up at alternate run -outs.
Himalaya Powder Cats ....Peter's photo :-)
Wanna get away? Just a little beyond the range of Southwest's fleet of 737's.
My own experience with southwest has been great.I'd welcome their sponsorship. My base camp south of S.F. has worked well with, SJo-PDX ( Mt Hood ) SJo-Rno (Reno Tahoe).Oak-SLC to visit the "Devil" Bob at Snowbird. For Intl. Flights, United has shuttled me to Asia and Delta to Europe. Who has treated you well?
Overnight temps in the Sierra's have caught my attention. It is now just a matter of the jet stream track shifting to bring in a Alaskan System to get things rolling?


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