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Above you have the core group of The Tye Dye Team )(a.k.a.) board of Consulting directors for Endless Winter at the Granite Chief think tank,... Ok it was the BD for a "Mahagony Ridge" staff member.

While a majority of tourist take the train to Jungfrau for the views,on a slow day you can catch a heli pilot willing to bargin for the 3 min shuttle from Jungfrau Station over to a shoulder on The Eiger. On this day in August the temps were cool, the corn was great, the desent to traverse back was short. I would do it again without a second thought.If you go in the future , drop the dime and get a guide, and ski the valley out. DO NOT EVEN consider the Valley without a experienced guide ** Hidden Crevasse danger(s) **

Peong Chang South Korea was a site finalist for the Winter Olympic Games.Those wanting to expolore the corners of the Pacific rim, may want to consider a stop over in Souel. Be prepared for COLD. Unlike B.C. Wa. Or or the sierras on the US western coast, the weather patterns are different and there are cooler temps than what you might expect for a resort very close to the ocean.

Ski Portillo will close for the winter on Monday, October 10th. Given the heavy snowfall, you can expect well maintained slopes until the final lift.
For those interested in reserving the 2006 season, you are welcome to contact our reservations department via email reservas@skiportillo.com or by calling one of the following numbers:
USA: 1-800-829-5325


Anonymous cory V said...

The Tie Die Crew beer and BBq
meetings every sat "The Chief" & shirley "

Tahoe Pale Ale, fuel of choice

10:35 AM, October 13, 2005

Anonymous Wally Cleaver said...

I'm not sure about those Tye die dudes, a little borderline to me

Wally cleaver

2:21 PM, October 14, 2005


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