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Tracie has been kind enough to extend access of her photos to Endlesswinter
Known as Quick Chick, 142.200 Mph( very well qualified ), here is her schedule for the season ahead.For those interested in her World and that of a greart speed Skier, have a long look at QUICK CHICK or general info on Speed skiing
Speed Ski
Tracie Max Sachs 2005 SPEED SKI Schedule
142.200 Mph
Date Location Event

Jan 26-31 Salla (Fin) FIS World Cup
Feb 11-13 Goldeck (Aut) FIS World Cup
Feb 18-20 Reute (Aut) FIS World Cup
March 4-6 Sun Peaks (Can) World Cup (2 Races)
March 9-11 Leysin (Sui)FIS World Cup (2 races)
March 19-20 Les Arcs (Fra) Open French champ.
March 31- April 2 Cervinia (Ita) 2005 World Champ.
April 3 Cervinia (Ita) FIS World Cup
April 4-8 Hundfjallet (Swe) FIS World Cup
April 9-10 Les Arcs (Fra)Red Rock Cup
April 11-13 Verbier (Sui) 2005 FIS W.C. Final
April 14-17 Verbier (Sui) Pro Mondial
April 18-23 Les Arcs (Fra) 2005 Pro Mondial Final

Quick Chick
Photo: Traci Max Sachs
Lovers of art, Chamonix and the Alps should check out the London Chamonix Connection – an art exhibition coming up later this month. The exhibition is studio 50, Carnwath Rd, London SW6 on 11th, 12th & 13th November 2005 Over the weekend there will also be films, slide shows and presentations. Check out the website for the show to have a preview of the artists work and all the other exhibitors. Beer To add to the apres ski feel the famous ‘MBC’ – the local in Chamonix for many of the artists - is coming along with just a few kegs of their home brew! Exhibiting artists include: Cornelius Wright An English painter who has been based in Chamonix for the last four years. Andy Parkin Andy has lived in Chamonix for over 22 years and has been on expeditions to most of the world’s mountain ranges. . John Norris A freelance photographer based in Chamonix Valley since 1986, it was the high mountains and glacial scenery that drew him to the French Alps. He strives to maintain a balance between producing commercial work and his passion for capturing images for personal pleasure. London Chamonix

Since you asked, a reply to a "Comment".Endless Winter started long ago. After seeing the Warren Miller movie "Endless Summer", years later, Bob Hutchins, Greg Linde offered me a part time position at Moving Mountain San Carlos California.I was able to lead groups on the weekends to Lake Tahoe, attend school in the mornings at College of San Mateo then ski in the evenings and through the summer. I never lost that bliss despite the 220 mile commute.At that time Oshman's had a fleet of Large indoor Magic Carpet ( rolling ) dry slopes.In the first era of freestyle, I was really excited about ballet now called acro, It was all just a variation of ice skating with a 16 degree hill thrown in to keep it interesting.That era faded and the popularity of moving mountians with the economic pressures of what to do with a 25' x 30'+ indoor slope during the summer.Life happened
There were times when trying to scrape up enough for a lift ticket was an issue. Believe me, I have had some very lean times. I have slept inside a utility room of ski jump to save enough cash for my so called apree' social activities. Ramen for dinner in 31 altered flavors was necessary if I wanted to epoxy the Marrianias trench left as reminder of my visit behind Alpine Meadows boundaries to Ward peak or Twin peaks or up Shirley Canyon. While most skis loose a few milligrams of weight with each base grind, the "Zebra" skis I had at the time seemed to get heavier with each layer of Mean green cement, plugs and sidewall patches.Time went on,..and a couple seasons ago my damn foot was affecting the shape of my turns on a conscious level. Finally, I went to a Podiatrist , a Facia was in for surgery( #1) and I was in for some news thatI really didn't want to hear under any conditions while in the current three dimensional realm.But, universe management was beyond my control and a season was cut short.Therapy costs, the local economy,,....I wondered if I would even Want to ski as a wounded part time-er'. Then a random e-mail from the othe side of the world landed in my lap. John. a retired Silcone valley engineer wanted to know how does someone buy a dry slope,A BIG ONE ....I thought heaven was being delivered and eventually John purchased one of the remaining Moving Mountain machines and somehow that August, restarted a cycle. I know there are some great data driven sites out there.But it isn't about just how many lifts or other stats or Condo Cams network. At some point I didn't see a web link for Hiking Mt Dana in May , June etc for a few turns. I have yet to see a magazine article on Danny or other guys that are hiking Round Top Sonoara pass every third weekend of July for the last 12 = years for a few turns. Full Circle
Other than a site in the UK that covers Indoor slopes or Dry slopes, I thought, why Not? So I called The Miller Office to avoid an issues with the name or color scheme of the logo and off I went. With the help of a many friends and influences that I will try to mention *Thank* from time to time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Round Top spring reference,
Sonora up East to Sonora pass.Above 8000' el, marker on highway , off road to Lake Levitt camp.OR USFS summit parking.South East perimiter hike.

10:46 PM, November 12, 2005


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