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Better Boot fitting
Shims, pads, cants, wedges,... So You want a better fit? Start simple. The shop that sold you the boots as part of Great customer service)should be willing to spend a few mins making minor adjustments Or, .You may be able totake on the task yourself. You know what feels right. A little loose, Pad the outside of a liner that is a bit loose( Push toward the inside. Mole skin padding is available at your local retail pharmacy foor care section ( Dr School's ) More than a little loose, heel shims or shims inserts, that run the lenght under the insole 1/16 1/8 1/4 can help fill volume by pushing your foot up. Cants, can help minimize those that are bow legged , If you have already adjusted a boot with an upper shell in / out rake. Too tight, sometimes it is necessary to have the liner stretched by a performance boot fiiting shop. Thos shoe stretchers you find at thrift stores can oftern solve the issue. A little stretch at a time. You can not re compress a liner, be careful or take your boots to a shop. Only when you are absolutely sure it is necessary after a second opinion, Pushing ( heating and stretching the boot shell at critical points) can solve the issues out of the ordinary.DO NOT try freelance blow drying. Not worth random results! Canting strips are available at Tognar Tool works or from racing supply stores. Many standard items are at your local pharmacy, pads and cushions. Insoles and shims are available in the Endless Winter equipment section.

Olympic Venues revisited
In 1952, the Olympics were finally held in Norway, the birthplace of modern skiing. The Olympic flame was lit in the hearth of the home of Sondre Nordheim, the first famous skier, and relayed by 94 skiers to Oslo. Speed skater Hjalmar Andersen starred for the home team, winning three gold medals. His winning margins in the 5,000m and the 10,000m were the largest in Olympic history. In Alpine skiing, the combined event was dropped and replaced by the giant slalom. Andrea Mead Lawrence won both the giant slalom and the slalom even though she was only nineteen years old. Canada won the ice hockey tournament for the fifth time, bringing their cumulative Olympic record to 37 wins, 1 loss and 3 ties. In those 41 games they scored 403 goals while conceding only 34. For the first time, a cross-country skiing event was held for women. The winner was Lydia Wideman of Finland. 30 NOCs (Nations) 694 athletes (109 women, 585 men) 22 events


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