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Match Stick Productions 2006 Film
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Match Stick Productions

Kicking Horse
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort: New Investments of Over $100 Million Anticipated by 2010
Golden, BC… With an estimated $150 million already invested at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort turning its vision into reality, the momentum is expected to boldly continue over the coming three years with additional infrastructure and real estate projects. Resort officials announced today they anticipate new commitments of over $100 million by 2010 which will facilitate the continued growth and evolution of the plaza amenities, base village, mountain terrain and an enhanced overall guest experience.
“Six years of stable growth have paved a bright future for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort,” said Arijan van Vuure, President, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. “From the very beginning we’ve set achievable visitation targets and have exceeded industry growth averages year over year. We have pursued selective real estate projects unique to the market and have focused on establishing strong business fundamentals which has put us in a strong position moving forward,” he said.
To continue to stimulate growth Kicking Horse Mountain Resort’s primary shareholders have committed to invest over $15 million in the coming three years to enhance mountain infrastructure and add complementary amenities. More details of the resort’s capital plan are expected to be released in September 2006.
Over the coming three years, more than $85 million in property development is expected to be attracted to the resort. Ongoing resort development will further stimulate the addition of resort amenities including restaurants, bars and retail. Some of the project highlights include:
• the completion of the luxurious 48-unit Palliser Lodge in December 2006;
• the completion of the high end 18-unit Selkirk Resort Homes;
• development of a new lodge in Gondola Plaza adding 50-units and additional retail and shopping;
• development of the exclusive Cabins of Kicking Horse project;
• development of the Aspens - town homes featuring 30 upscale one and two bedroom units.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort currently boasts over 2,750 acres of world-class terrain, two condominium

Need a Lift?

Val d‘Isère The resort of Tignes, detachable 6-seater chairlift from Doppelmayr.Val d’Isère/Tignes in the French département of Savoy is one of the biggest and most attractive ski regions in the Western Alps: 133 ski trails with a total length of 300 km; from an altitude of 1,500 m up to the glacier regions of the three-anda- half-thousanders. There are ten reversible aerial trams, almost 50 chairlifts and some 40 surface lifts. Tignes has three districts; one of these is Tignes-le-Lac with a population of 2,300 inhabitants, which at 2,000 m ranks as Europe’s highest municipality. Tignes hosted the first free-style world championships in 1989 and the Winter Olympics (Albertville) in 1992. This ski area has been named “Espace Killy” to commemorate the famous French skier Jean-ClaudeKilly, who comes from the region (1968 winner of three gold medals – downhill, giant slalom and slalom). Tichots is one of the mountain faces in the ski region. The new 6-CLD also has an important function as a feeder from the car park in the valley.(The chairlift only operates in the winter season.)
World’s first tangential loading facility for a 6-seater chairlift
In order to provide the required high transport capacity of 3,600 PPH, Doppelmayr implemented a particularly ingenious innovation in the form of the world’s first “tangential loading” facility for a 6-seater chairlift. The key feature here is the configuration of the path traced by the chairs as they transit the loading area in conjunction with a loading carpet. The chairs approach the loading area at an angle of roughly 45°. The loading gates open at staggered intervals, allowing the skiers to advance one by one onto the loading carpet. The resulting staggered starting positions now form a line in parallel with the chair. By the time the skiers stop at the end of the loading carpet they are back in a straight line, ready to board the approaching chair. It is this combination of angled chair position and loading carpet which crucially reduces the time interval between carriers and thus increases transport capacity. As the regulations stipulate a maximum capacity of 3,000 PPH for a conventional 6-seater chairlift, special tests were required in the case of Tichots, which led to approval being granted in November.
Doppelmayr pioneered the tangential loading system
Doppelmayr ranks as the forerunner of this system, the first of which was installed on the 8-CLD Les Tommeuses in Tignes in 2002 (transport capacity 4,500 PPH). The customer, Société des Télépheriques de la Grande Motte (STGM), has beena Doppelmayr customer for 15 years: during the course of the past two years, STGM has purchased a total of three chairlifts from Doppelmayr. In the case of Tichots, Doppelmayr was awarded the contract in May 2005 and the installation went into service at the end of November, following a six-month construction period.
6-CLD Tichots
Transport capacity 3,600 PPH
Trip time 4.3 min
Travel speed 5.0 m/s
Carriers 85
Interval 6.0 s
Inclined length 1,169 m
Vertical rise 361 m

Obereggen - Italy Part of the Latemar Ski Center, have launched for the 2006/2007 winter two brand new chairlifts.
The super modern four chairs lift "Obereggen", realized by Doppelmayr, replaces the old quads, allowing to increase the passenger per hour ratio to 2.400/h. And the old ski lift on the "Pala di Santa" Mountain will bee replaced by an automatic four chair lift with babble.
The new chairlift "Obereggen":
Length: 516 m
Transportation: 2.400 passenger per hour
Time: 1 min 54 sec
Valley station: 1939 m
Mountain station: 2032 m

Saalbach / Austria: 3 new lifts in winter 2006/07
In summer 2006 3 lifts will be replaced with modern cable-cars.
8 person cable car "'Schattberg Sprinter" (replaces the existing chair lift "Westgipfel III")
6 person chairlift "Schönleitengipfelbahn" with canopy (bubble) and heated seats (replaces the existing drag lifts "Karlift" & "Weißbachlift")

Warren Miller 2006


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