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Snow Alert- Lake Tahoe 6" above Lake Level

This morning From Squaw Valley

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October 3rd-23rd
Every other year since 1977, Timberline Lodge, with help from The Friends of Timberline, has produced "Mountain High," a public art exhibit celebrating Timberline's connection to the arts and crafts. This year's theme for the show is "In The Shadows of Mt. Hood." It will celebrate the arts and crafts of local mountain residents. Starting October 3rd and running through October 23rd, numerous works from selected local artisans will be on display in the Lodge

Timberline Fusion Passes On Sale Now !

“One of 50 People To Know in Travel” The Times

Patrick always has some news for you !
Usually I summarize or extract key stories From Snow365.com
However, I want yo to take a look at his sites. Patrick and Rachel from day 1 of
Endlesswintersnow have consistantly added strenght and cooperation specificially
regarding Indoor slopes and Dry slopes.
Rather than taking a competitors position, Patrick and Snow365.com have always demonstrated "A "Bro Deal helping hand" .
Have a look and I will post his news and stories after the weekend.

While on the subject of Indoor slopes
It is not to early to Think about training
Hit the Dry slope Link on this pages right margin
In southern California near San Diego, Kent With Adventureski.com will get you ready
In northern California , ....have deck will travel,... Sam with endlesslope.com
San Francisco, Sacramento Will get you riding Quick !

Photo: Endless Slope
In the past,Sam and I have worked together as instructors at Sun 'n Ski sports when a store was located in Milpitas. If I finally decide on a date, I'm sure my attempt at Guinness World Record, First to ski at Badwater in death Valley will be on one of Sam's Decks
Start your season Now ! ski a deck


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