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Angelia & Christian have a great location in Wengen CH ( Swiss). below Jungfrau one rail stop away from Labuerhornen / Laterbrunnen . valley of water falls and the winter FIS Wengen Labuerhornen Races. Good perople a great view , cozy setting at budget rates. ********* On the other side of Life, I deeply regret the very early loss of Lydia, my long time associate ( BOB's wife ) /friend and at one time employer. Bottom line she supported his passion for the mtns and sking and allowed him the time to follow his dreams. For anyone the loss of a spouse is a major life event. For someone that has a significant other that does not participate IN YOUR PASSION but says, GO FOR IT, IT brings you joy,and I want that for you. ............. May the arms of the angels lift you to comfort & serenity, watch over us and keep the wind at our back, .... as I turn, a sadder shade of Pale


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