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Pinkham Notch, NH ? It has been snowing at Wildcat Mountain. Wildcat received another 1-2 inches overnight and continuing light flurries. In fact, the forecast calls for a chance of snow every day this week. and has the cumulative effect of rapidly improving conditions for skiing & riding. On Monday Wildcat opened 15 trails, and so is now open for skiing & riding on 41 of Wildcat's 47 trails. The conditions are powder and packed powder, with variable and thin cover areas on the all-natural snow trails. Grooming is on about 75% of the open terrain, and Mountain sources report that Wildcat has been receiving very positive feedback from skiers and riders on trail grooming, and the overall skiing "shape" of the mountain all season long. Wild cat

93rd Annual Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, one of the largest and oldest winter sports clubs in the U.S., hosts the 93rd Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, the oldest continuing Winter Carnival west of the Mississippi. For several days, the entire town is given over to racing, ski jumping, chariot racing, a parade featuring Steamboat’s skiing high school band (the only one in the United States), the famous ski jöring events down Lincoln Avenue, and the spectacular night show featuring the legendary Lighted Man & fireworks display. Date(s): 2/8/2006 - 2/12/2006 Day(s): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Subaru Master the Mountain

Steamboat is actually a complete mountain range: Mount Werner, Sunshine Peak, Storm Peak, Thunderhead Peak, Pioneer Ridge® and Christie Peak. 2,939 acres (1176 hectares) of permitted terrain offer a diversity of trails for all levels of ability. Mavericks Superpipe, the longest on the continent, is a freerider's dream. Mavericks is 650 feet long, 50-feet wide, has 15 foot walls, and a 17 foot radius. Steamboat's SoBe terrain park adjacent to Mavericks, features an outdoor sound system, a variety of rails; kinked, sliders, rainbows, "S", mailboxes, double barrel, and Mini-Mav, a miniature version of the superpipe with five-foot walls, perfect for novice riders. Gladed areas of Pioneer Ridge, Sunshine and Storm Peak are Steamboat's particular claim to fame, with Champagne Powder® snow in the trees for the most avid powder hounds.
Mountain Numbers Base Elevation: 6,900 feet/2103 meters Midway Elevation: 9,080 feet/2768 meters Summit Elevation: 10,568 feet/3224 meters Vertical Rise: 3,668 feet/1118 meters - Second highest in Colorado!

Stevens Pass Wa
Stevens Pass, ever since the opening season of 1937, has been a research center and to this day those that carry on, record daily snow fall, wind, temperature and weather that relates to avalanche potential.
Stevens Pass is a Class A avalanche area and has over two hundred and thirty, avalanche paths in the ski area boundary.
The ski area being on the Crest of the Cascade Range has weather patterns that can change rapidly. These sometimes-rapid changing weather patterns can rapidly change the condition of the snow pack causing avalanches or very different snow conditions from moments before.
So you can see that it keeps the avalanche control people quite busy throughout the winter season.
Stevens Pass has snow, weather and avalanche documentation dating back to 1937 and still conducts research projects relating to snow science and weather.
Stevens Pass has a very active avalanche control program that monitors hourly weather and snow pack information and that conducts avalanche control mitigation in the ski area boundary to help minimize the avalanche potential to the skiing public.
Stevens has lots of it, averaging 450" of snowfall each year,
covering 1,125 acres of skiable terrain, including 37 major runs and numerous bowls, glades and faces.
Base area elevation 4,061' Top elevation Cowboy Mountain 5,845' Mill Valley base elevation 3,821' 1,800 vertical feet on three sides of two different mountains
Stevens Pass

Courchevel - France

Grangettes gondola
- Replacement of the cars, - Renovation of the departure station: replacement of the metal façades with wood, additional window surface area • A lift between the road and the Grangettes gondola - Installation of a 16-person lift to facilitate access from the road to the S3V ski pass office and the gondola departure station
1550 ESF ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SKI SHOW Date : 15/02/2006 - 15/02/2006 Level : Courchevel 1550 / Front de neige 6:30pm: A show in the magic of the night. Demonstration of the ski evolution from 1945 to nowadays. torches procession, fireworks, hot wine.
MOUNTAIN CHEESES CONTEST Date : 16/02/2006 - 16/02/2006
Level : Courchevel 1850 Toute la journée : Exposition photos galerie de la Croisette 1850 Début matinée : Fabrication du Fromage Beaufort place du Tremplin Courchevel 1850. 12h00 : Sortie Moulage du Fromage place du Tremplin. 14h00 : Début du concours par les professionnels galerie Croisette 1850. 15h30 : Début du concours avec les consommateurs vacanciers. 16h00 : Animation « La Vache » Front de neige 1850. 16h30 : Remise des prix Front de neige 1850. 18h00 : Film « La Montagne des 7 Bergers » Salle de la Croisette 1850. Entrée Libre.
PYROTECHNICAL ART INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Date : 20/02/2006 - 03/03/2006 This exclusive to france winter festival, formed of challenge of big fireworks shows. Will be presented by internationals fireworks specialists compagny. They'll use all of their skills on the four levels oh Courchevel.


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