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Olympic related
OFFICIAL OLYMPIC TEAM BIOGRAPHIES Alpine - Cross Country - Freestyle - Jumping - Nordic Combined - Snowboard -

U.S. SKI TEAM - U.S. SNOWBOARDING CONTACT INFORMATION The U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding media team will work together with the U.S. Olympic Committee to provide access to news and information, as well as an athlete media contact point during the Olympic Winter Games in Torino. Following is an outline of contact information and specific Games assignments.

Main Spokesperson Tom Kelly, tkelly@ussa.org,
Sport-by-Sport Contacts Alpine, Women - Juliann Fritz, jfritz@ussa.org, +39.648.453.7749 Alpine, Men - Marc Habermann, mhabermann@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7750 Freestyle/Snowboard - Lisa Antonucci, lantonucci@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7748 Nordic - Tom Kelly, tkelly@ussa.org, +39.648.453.7751 * NOTE: Multiple nordic press officers will be working venue on an event-by-event basis Special Services
Special projects - Calum Clark, cclark@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7840 News bureau - Scott Flanders, sflanders@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7842 Nordic info - Paul Robbins, probbins@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7843 Photography coordination - Matt Sullivan, msullivan@ussa.org, +39.348.453.7779 Photographer (Torino) - Jonathan Selkowitz, jonathan@selkophoto.com, +39.348.453.7841 Photo Agency (Torino) - Getty Images/Zoom, Photo Agency (USA) - Getty Images, Jennifer Rose, jennifer.rose@gettyimages.com, 323.202.4164 Photo Agency (USA) - Selko Photo, info@selkophoto.com, 317.733.7366
U.S. Domestic Office Public relations - Christa Graff, cgraff@ussa.org, 435.647.2093 Photography - Andy Cantor, acantor@ussa.org, 435.647.2038
USOC Press Offices U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding staff will work from the Torino MPC offices from Feb. 2-9, then will be based in the Sestriere MPC for the remainder of the Games.
USOC Sestriere Press Center Fax, +
Primary Informational Web Sites http://www.usskiteam.com http://www.ussnowboarding.com http://www.usocpressbox.org



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