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( Translated via Babelfish ) SKI FAMILY ADVENTURE of Antagnod 2006 IV edition. The Kike-day in Val d' Ayas SKI FAMILY ADVENTURE is the contest-not-contest, only in its kind, dedicated to the families sport in order to amuse itself with the skis or the snowboard. An amazing day on the snow dedicated to the children and all those that are not still forgets you to have been children. A new formula between sport and game, with one classify-not-classifies and prizes to extraction for all. A formula invented from the diabolic Kike, piaciuta endured the families that not always succeed to find sport activity to the capacity of all. To participate is easy, enough: 1. to form the own square of three pertaining to the same familiar nucleus: acquired grandfathers, grandsons, parents, uncles, brothers-in-law, cousinses, bisavoli, friends fraterni, relatives and so on, but also in four go the same one well why in the contest-not-contest he is worth also the exception that confirmation the rule, 2, to choose a name of "battle and fantasy", 3, to enroll on-linens on the situated one www.monterosa-ski.com or via fax to the n° 0125-303143. Fact that, the appointment is for Sunday 12 March 2006 to the Bar of the Pine (Baby Park on the tracks of Antagnod) to the 9,00. Last registrations opened until h the 9.45. To the 10 Pear is taken to all with seggiovia the Pian in order to carry out, accompanies to you from the masters of ski and the organizers, the recognition on all the distance. During the recognition they will be explains all the details to you of the Ski Family Adventure 06 the track it will be prepared with a mixed distance with several natural difficulties and crafts them: from the traditional doors from giant, to the hunchbacks, outside the track in the forest, to the parabolic curves, the tests of ability and qualche.cosa that we do not declare in order to leave the participants the taste of the surprise. For emergency reasons the participation of children is not admitted capacities in shoulder from the adults. Draft of an only test of regolarità to time. Along the entire every distance square must proceed united, is concurs with the maximum 10 meters between a member and the other, of the same square. Along the distance the squares will meet various "test-play" of ability and "difficulty" of varied kind. Every square will have to carry a.termine the test in minor the possible time, exceeding is the ability games, than all the obbligatori features of the distance. Who wins closes the test in minor the time and with score greater harvest in the various tests. Eventual test-I play not old or covered obbligatori features will not be consider errors you and will carry penalty in terms of time to the square. The falls will not be considered errors, are considered error to jump a tracing feature, to avoid the passages obligates to you or not to proceed united. In case of fall of one of the members, the entire square will have to stop itself to leave again united. After the every recognition square will have one single possibility to face the distance. The departure order respects the inverse one of the registration order. If not, than contest-not-contest it is? Insomma, if you have always scorned the competition, this is your occasion: it is participated, is played to the opened air, wake, is amused to us, it is gotten tan to us with the warm sun of Antagnod and to the fine all they are vincitori thanks to tantissimi the prizes to extraction and the ristoro final for all. If games you do not win, word passes, but with the Ski Family Adventure the beautiful one is that if you play, you win of sure. Good sciate and good divertimento to all, with the Ski Family Adventure di Antagnod www.monterosa-ski.it


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