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Mad River Glen
The new chairs have been delivered. All the forms for the concrete forms are ready. The Drive station and bull wheel have been installed. 2’3s of the towers are back from sandblasting and painting, looking shiny and new! Fabricators are making modifications to the refurbished towers in the parking lot. And the choppers will return around the 3rd week of August to fly concrete and the towers.
Beat the rush, it’s never to early to get your season pass.
Triple Major Pass The new Triple Major Pass offers college skiers unlimited access to Jay Peak Resort, Bolton Valley and Mad River Glen for $269. Added to the course schedule for the 2007-2008 season is Mad River Glen, which teams up with Double Major upper classmen Jay Peak Resort and Bolton Valley Resort, to offer unlimited access to all three ski areas, all winter, for only $269. There are no restrictions at any of the mountainss, and the pass includes night skiing and riding at Bolton Valley Resort until 9pm. The pass price increases to $329 after Nov. 5th

Join Jay Appleton & his crew helping to maintain MRG's forest and epic woods skiing lines. The focus of today's work will be regen zone maintenance and a little cutting. Meet at 9 am in the Base Area at the Cricket Club picnic table. We're back down at 3:30 - 4 pm. Most of the time we hike from the base, so be prepared to hike. We always go, rain or shine. If it is raining, it is more of an adventure.

Sun Peaks Summer
The Village Art Market
Go for a relaxing stroll in our quaint village setting, through an outdoor market, to see what unique gifts local businesses, artisans, and craftspeople are selling.

BCR presents Sound Vibrations This summer we host our first ever acoustic performance competition where musical acts compete on the Sun Peaks Concert Stage to see who will win Sound Vibrations. All musical acts must perform acoustically, but have the choice to perform solo or as a group.


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