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Cathedral- Argentina

Great hill success Cathedral in Expo Snow The third edition of Expo Snow concluded with a number record of visitors: 28,500 people crossed the Rural one, where Cathedral presented/displayed all the new features of the next winter season. After four days intense work, finalized the third edition of Expo Snow in the Rural one of Palermo in the city of Buenos Aires, with singular success in which it makes to the promotional aspects for Bariloche and the hill Cathedral. Cathedral High Patagonia had a great amount of visits by his stand, where all the new features for the season spread that begins the next Thursday 12 of June. This way, Buenos Aires beat what will be a new season of winter. The fanatics of the snow were contentments with the news of the quick opening of the mountain and indicated their anxiety to ski and to do snowboard in the barilochenses tracks, that already count on snow fallen during the month of May and more white precipitations for the next days with temperatures are expected low and good conditions so that the snow remains in Cathedral. Many personalities of the sport, the spectacle, the fashion and journalists, passed through stand of the hill Cathedral: Julian Weich, Maby Wells, Gastón Gaudio, Mariano Zabaleta, Solaro Solitude, Benito Fernandez, Luciano Galende, Geraldine Neuman, Chachi Telesco, Ingrid Grudke, Virginia Gives Cunha, Charly Alberti, Blackberry Furtado and Pachi Martinez of thorough Villa, among others. During the fair of winter tourism, there were in addition demonstrations to skiers and snowbordistas, in one crushes especially designed, with best made snow and riders of the Argentina, between which were those of teem of Cathedral High Patagonia. In that sense, Takings Blanc and Muddy Andy, were those that stood out. In addition, the person in charge of the Terraín Park of the mountain Tincho Palomeque, had a shining performance, all offering a great previous spectacle and generating a wonderful one of the season. The artificial snow track of 40 meters in length with railings, obstacles and wall rides was without doubts the star of the sample. In his stand, Cathedral presented/displayed all new features, and one of them is the sale of you pass on line, the extension of the mountain inns, the opening of the equipment of security in tracks and the celebration of 70 years of history. The third edition of Expo Snow concluded with a number record of visitors: 28,500 people crossed the Rural one, where all the new features of the next winter season appeared. The expectation generated, according to the organizers, was fulfilled fully. In this edition not only the amount of public grew, but the quality of the exhibitors and contents of the fair served as waiting room to begin to live the mountain, the sun and the ski. www.Cathedral.com



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