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FIS - News

On January 2nd, 2009, for the first time in the history of FIS Alpine Skiing, a parallel slalom contest will take place in Moscow (RUS). This special competition is designated as a promotional event in support of the Audi FIS Alpine World Cup. It is also specifically designed to stimulate interest for Alpine Skiing as part of the build up to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The world’s best alpine skiers are invited to take part in the event. They will compete on a construction designed especially for the Moscow contest. The ramp will be about 60 meters high, 36 meters wide and 150 meters long and it will surely stand out against the background of the Moscow State University building – one of the most impressive Moscow skyscrapers. The huge dimensions of the ramp together with the specially planned spectators’ area will allow more than 30.000 people to watch the exiting performances of the Alpine Skiing stars. The unique artificial slope will be pre-built in the Vorobyovy Mountains and then transported to the urban landscape of the Moscow megalopolis.

Originally, the contest was planned for November 22nd, 2008. However, the date has now been confirmed as 2nd January, 2009 due to organizational and technical reasons. The massive ramp is truly a unique construction even by Russian measures and 25% larger than the ramp built at the same square for the FIS Freestyle and Snowboard World Cup events last season. As a result additional time was required to ensure the safety of the construction and plan the technical implementation including high quality preparation of the snow. The new date was also chosen to better meet the needs of the athletes and their travel schedules.

“We were happy to delay the date of the event to right after New Year’s in order to best serve all the invited athletes and guests, especially as most of them have already confirmed their participation in the FIS World Cup Alpine Promotional event in Moscow,” commented President of the Russian Alpine Ski and Snowboard Federation (RASSF), Mr. Andrey Bokarev together with RASSF Vice President Mr Dmitry Svischev. For more information on the event, please visit www.worldcupmoscow.com.

The South American Cup 2008 in Alpine Skiing finished last week in La Parva (CHI) in excellent snow conditions, good weather and with very high level competitions. The season had started in Cerro Castor (ARG) in early August.

The most remarkable aspect of this SAC season was the excellent snow conditions with early snowfalls and lots of snow in the beginning of the season which led to the presence of many teams from Europe and North America during the entire South American season.

In total, 11 races were held (2 DH, 3 SL, 3 GS, 2 SG , 1 SC) for each gender as more than 300 racers from 18 different countries participated in the 2008 SAC. Overall winners were the siblings Macarena and Cristian Javier Simari Birkner (ARG), whilst the Nations Cup went to Argentina with the USA in second place and France third. While Macarena took the 2008 ladies title ahead of her older sister and last year’s champion Maria Belen, for Cristian Javier Simari Birkner, it was the ninth consecutive SAC title!



Santa Rosa left in Hill Cathedral the great Nevada but of the season Much snow in the beginning of the low season. More than two meters in the summit and almost 40 centimeters in the base. An incredible postcard. Today the Low Season, the storm of Santa Rosa is leaving to the great Nevada in all the hill Cathedral. Throughout the day and incessantly, great snowflakes accumulated more of a meter of new snow in the summit and between 30 and 40 cm in the base. From the 31 of August would begin to govern the prices of low season, that added to this fresh snow will make of September the best month of the Season to be useful the mountain in their maximum expression. According to the weather forecast, the snowed ones will inclusively continue tomorrow Sunday, reason why it hopes great volumes to enjoy to plenary session of the practice of ski like snowboard

Cardrona spring conditions
A new express chairlift, snowmaking and cafe at Captain's Basin. A new half pipe (22ft walls), expert big air, and triple jump

Spring conditions at Cardrona

The Mountain
Base Elevation: 1670m
Highest Lifted Point: 1894m
Vertical Rise: 390m
Terrain: 320 hectares

1 quad fixed chairlift
1 quad express chairlifts
3 magic learner lifts
1 platter beginner lift
Lift capacity 7800 people per hour

Cardrona closes on 12th October 2008.


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