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View from the top station of Alagna Val SesiaItalia
Last summer I visited a few resorts in Italy near the Swiss border and area near Lucano , Stressa north of Turino. This is typical of some of the ridgeline views
Need a new lawn Chair.You're in luck. Homewood Mtn Resort, west shore Lake Tahoe sent me email.While supply lasts,.....Want a piece of Homewood? What a better way than to grab one of our old lift chairs. They make great gifts and at $299 they're going fast! Contact Collier Cook at HMRCook@Skihomewood.com or call him at 530.525.2992 X 103.

Cable, towers and Bull Wheel extra. got wood?
Danny a Patrol at HMR has some serious vertical under his belt.Danny , TDB ( Tye dye Bill), Cory asnd a few other of my savory buds are part of the Shirley Lake BBQ Committe.If the lifts are running, there is a BBQ fired up between "The Chief" and Shirley on Sat's. Danny to the best of my knowledge has skied every month of the year for the last 12 years. Patrol duties, then free riding. Late spring there is great hiking behind Homewood on Barker pass. Then off to Sonora Pass ( Round Top ) Levitt Lake and then into the HIGH passes of Yosemite near MT Dana above Ellery cyn. For Danny and the tie Die crew, "There is no off season"


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