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Austrian National office of Tourism has agreed to allow Endless winter reposting rights regarding announcements. Their link has been added to the Euro Resorts page.
Sun Peaks Resort has been selected by the Austrian National Ski Team as its North American early season training venue.
The Austrian team will start training at Sun Peaks Resort on November 5, 2005 in preparation for the World Cup circuit that starts at Lake Louise and Aspen and then heads to Europe.
“We are ecstatic about hosting one of the true superpowers of international skiing,” says Darcy Alexander, Vice President and General Manager of Sun Peaks Resort Corporation. “The status the team brings will further the reputation and awareness of Sun Peaks. The ability to host a team such as this also attests to the high quality of Sun Peaks’ facilities, reliable snow, and the extensive commitment the resort has made to our guests through summer grooming and snowmaking.”
The Austrian team will also be the first to train on the new Nancy Greene International Race Centre built this summer. The race centre is one of very few Canadian venues that can offer suitable terrain above 1600 metres. “Elevation means snow,” explains Jamie Tattersfield, mountain operations manager for Sun Peaks Resort Corporation. “The combination of the centre’s elevation, summer grooming, and expanded snowmaking makes it one of the premier race centres in the country.” The Austrian team will train from early to mid November each year leading up the Winter Olympics and just prior to the Games in February 2010.

Picture of the morning, Looking from 'The Saddle' at the top of Kt-22. There has been a dusting of snow above lake level ( 6200'). C-mon Frosty, Kick it up a Notch! Photo SVSC Uber dude.


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