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Peace & Best Wishes for your Thanksgiving Holiday
I am grateful to each of the marketing & communications departments for their cooperation helping me take the concept of a (International Resort and Snow Sports cooperative newswire) into the first season.
Outreach started the week after the last California lift closed.
-First were the glacial resorts and the southern hemisphere.
-Next came the gathering of the prominent regional Big Mountain resorts.
-Then finally addressing the multi-resort corporate offices and the staff of Mr. "C" below the tram tower at Tahoe.

I am grateful this Thanksgiving that despite different countries, different languages, different business policies, procedures & protocols that whatever luck or karma I still had in my lifetime account, and that the fung shui alignment of my "Project Hired" computer was enough to pull together more than a half dozen previous Olympic venues, the majority of the glacier resorts, major players in New Zealand and just enough translation assistance that South American resorts would also get their fair share of exposure.

Onward ...., work needs to be done. I want to increase the count of eastern U.S. resorts, expand the equipment section and restructure the shopping to be much more functional than a parking area for affiliates and sponsors, ...work needs to be done.With the exception of the lone resort in South Africa, I believe I have a good core of resorts ,Indoor slopes and Dry slopes for the maiden voyage season.

I am surrounded by a long list influences, contributors, associates and a few friends. Bob and Greg, I will always be grateful to for the years in their shop. Lamar P. for my first out-of-state trip and decades of vetran Instructor tips. Paul C., Scott F. & Jeff the coaches for tolerateing a "beat up" in the gates on Motts. Smitty for his insight on the psychology of surgical rehab.

Ever onward. So you think I missed something? I'm listening and want your feedback !Thanks to Harry James of HappyHarry.net for the technical fine tuning in progress.

Those in the northeast, great lakes and north west have reason to be grateful, the lifts are running! Any day the lifts are running, the rest is downhill !

Enjoy your Holiday, enjoy your friends and be grateful you're not the Turkey.



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