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Val d’Isère
The Laisinant Express : a brand new way to get to the slopes. 33 years after the opening of the Iseran sector, the resort now boasts another brand new access to the slopes from an area which had never been equipped with a lift. A new detachable 6 seater chair lift will be inaugurated in December 2005. Its cost : 4.3 million €. This chairlift will take on some of the central Solaise Express traffic. Skiers staying in the Laisinant area can use this lift to get to the Fornet and Solaise sectors. After having skied the fabulous L or Mattis runs, no need to take the free shuttle to get back to the slopes. Environment is also taken into account. The commune of Val d’Isère has signed an agreement with the National Alpine Botanic Conservator in order to make an inventory of all protected species and to ensure their replanting if necessary. The agreement signed between the STVI and the Vanoise National Park makes provision for the counting of the royal eagles and black grouse nesting within proximity of the lift over the next 7 years.

Val d’Isère

Winter sports Movie In Fr without a name



Anonymous enretard said...

Thank you for speaking about our movie !
We are in France, but not in the Alps, in the SouthWestern of France, in the moutains "Pyrénées" where the snow is falling since 1 week!


2:10 PM, November 30, 2005


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