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Snow Alert -Snowbird - Utah

Snow Forecast -The Alps
It has been snowing widely across the Alps for several days, but you needed to work to find good conditions. Although it is two weeks since the warm and settled spell ended, many Alpine resorts have not yet returned to the wonderful top to bottom conditions of early and mid season. Sunny skies and mild temperatures in February stripped a lot of snow from low elevations leaving many resort runs bare at the start of March and although we have since seen a return of moist Atlantic winds, especially since Monday, it has been generally too mild and wet to make much difference below about 2000 m where snow one day would be followed by rain the next. In parts of France on Wednesday, rain fell up to as high as 2200 metres and wet snow fell up to 2500 m. At higher elevations, it has been a very different story with steady snowfalls all week at many resorts, typically with 10 to 20 cm of snow falling from each snow band above 3000 m. Most places have seen at least two of these bands of snow since Monday so there is typically 30–50 cm of fresh snow on the glaciers along the main Alpine divide. Resorts in Italy that did not see new snow the week before also tended to do much better this time. Unfortunately, at the high elevations where heavy snow fell, there has been much too much wind and much too little visibility to describe conditions as anything like ideal. Worse, where it has snowed the avalanche risk is moderate or high and resorts have been reluctant to allow access (whereas lower down the new snow was moist enough to consolidate the snowpack). As we approach another weekend, the weakening westerly weather pattern continues with some snow, some rain, some warm spring sun and freezing levels that will briefly approach 3000 m. A real mixed bag. Next week it looks as if high pressure in the north Atlantic will direct pulses cold air towards the Alps and always keep the mild Atlantic winds away. Low pressure over Western Europe will provide the additional ingredient needed to make it snow. The details are unusually complex because loosing the westerly means that a lot of the weather will develop in-situ (rather like Thursday nights rain and snow over much of the Swiss Alps). It will certainly pay to watch the forecasts closely because there will be quite a bit of variation across the Alpine region but you can probably safely ignore the details if you are planning an Easter trip. Although it is still some way off, we expect that most places will have good conditions by Easter and that the higher resorts in Austria will be best of all. Many lower Alpine resorts should see the return to the quality conditions not seen for six weeks. from www.snow-forecast.com


St Moritz - Switzerland
ShapeToFlow - The workshop on ski for experienced leaders
16.03.2008 to 18.03.2008
Lokalität: Hotel Chesa Guardalej, Champfér

A classic - as public mangerial workshop on ski on topics such as time, attention and energy. An experience and opportunity for reflection in dynamic times of higher complexity and uncertainty.
» www.shapetoflow.com

Skiing: World Cup
Ski finals results - 1st update
14 March 2008
Results from the World Cup finals here Friday:


1. Marlies Schild (AUT) 1:52.78 (52.09 + 1:00.69)
2. Veronika Zuzulova (SVK) 1:52.85 (52.74 + 1:00.11)
3. Sarka Zahrobska (CZE) 1:53.02 (52.14 + 1:00.88)
4. Nicole Hosp (AUT) 1:53.08 (52.33 + 1:00.75)
5. Chiara Costazza (ITA) 1:53.12 (53.17 + 59.95)
6. Therese Borssen (SWE) 1:53.57 (53.08 + 1:00.49)
7. Monika Bergmann (GER) 1:53.85 (53.90 + 59.95)
8. Tanja Poutiainen (FIN) 1:53.97 (52.76 + 1:01.21)
9. Maria Pietilae-holmner (SWE) 1:54.09 (53.46 + 1:00.63)
10. Michaela Kirchgasser (AUT) 1:54.92 (54.03 + 1:00.89)
11. Ana Jelusic (CRO) 1:54.93 (53.95 + 1:00.98)
11. Lindsey Vonn (USA) 1:54.93 (55.23 + 59.70)
13. Kathrin Hoelzl (GER) 1:55.00 (54.76 + 1:00.24)
14. Nina Loeseth (NOR) 1:55.04 (54.44 + 1:00.60)
15. Sandrine Aubert (FRA) 1:55.28 (54.72 + 1:00.56)
16. Fanny Chmelar (GER) 1:55.29 (55.40 + 59.89)
17. Aita Camastral (SUI) 1:55.31 (54.13 + 1:01.18)
18. Nika Fleiss (CRO) 1:55.51 (55.02 + 1:00.49)
19. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) 1:55.78 (54.50 + 1:01.28)
20. Elisabeth Goergl (AUT) 1:55.81 (54.93 + 1:00.88)

DNF: Sandra Gini (SUI), Julia Mancuso (USA), Anja Paerson (SWE), Maria Riesch (GER), Bernadette Schild (AUT), Kathrin Zettel (AUT)

World Cup slalom standings (after ninth and final race):
1. Marlies Schild (AUT) 640 pts, 2. Nicole Hosp (AUT) 515, 3. Veronika Zuzulova (SVK) 501, 4. Tanja Poutiainen (FIN) 484, 5. Sarka Zahrobska (CZE) 392, 6. Therese Borssen (SWE) 343, 7. Chiara Costazza (ITA) 310, 8. Maria Riesch (GER) 249, 9. Kathrin Zettel (AUT) 192, 10. Nina Loeseth (NOR) 179

World Cup overall standings (after 36 of 37 races):
1. Lindsey Vonn (USA) 1367 pts, 2. Nicole Hosp (AUT) 1159, 3. Maria Riesch (GER) 1146, 4. Marlies Schild (AUT) 1080, 5. Elisabeth Goergl (AUT) 1037, 6. Anja Paerson (SWE) 973, 7. Julia Mancuso (USA) 938, 8. Tanja Poutiainen (FIN) 736, 9. Renate Götschl (AUT) 731, 10. Denise Karbon (ITA) 619


Giant slalom
1. Ted Ligety (USA) 2:18.04 (1:08.63 + 1:09.41)
2. Benjamin Raich (AUT) 2:18.35 (1:08.34 + 1:10.01)
3. Cyprien Richard (FRA) 2:18.72 (1:08.79 + 1:09.93)
4. Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA) 2:18.78 (1:08.45 + 1:10.33)
5. Didier Cuche (SUI) 2:18.92 (1:08.74 + 1:10.18)
6. Davide Simoncelli (ITA) 2:19.15 (1:08.85 + 1:10.30)
7. Hannes Reichelt (AUT) 2:19.17 (1:08.61 + 1:10.56)
8. Marcus Sandell (FIN) 2:19.20 (1:09.55 + 1:09.65)
9. Manfred Moelgg (ITA) 2:19.24 (1:08.79 + 1:10.45)
10. Didier Defago (SUI) 2:19.28 (1:09.18 + 1:10.10)
10. Rainer Schoenfelder (AUT) 2:19.28 (1:09.03 + 1:10.25)
12. Joel Chenal (FRA) 2:19.34 (1:09.32 + 1:10.02)
13. Marc Berthod (SUI) 2:19.52 (1:09.13 + 1:10.39)
14. Erik Guay (CAN) 2:19.59 (1:09.15 + 1:10.44)
15. Christoph Gruber (AUT) 2:19.85 (1:09.72 + 1:10.13)
16. Marco Buechel (LIE) 2:19.95 (1:09.60 + 1:10.35)
17. Julien Lizeroux (FRA) 2:19.99 (1:09.76 + 1:10.23)
17. Hermann Maier (AUT) 2:19.99 (1:08.56 + 1:11.43)
19. Michael Walchhofer (AUT) 2:20.00 (1:08.84 + 1:11.16)
20. Francois Bourque (CAN) 2:20.05 (1:09.04 + 1:11.01)

DNF: Ales Gorza (SLO), Bode Miller (USA), Ivica Kostelic (CRO), John Kucera (CAN), Markus Larsson (SWE), Mario Matt (AUT)

World Cup giant slalom standings (after 8th and final race)
1. Ted Ligety (USA) 485, 2. Benjamin Raich (AUT) 438, 3. Manfred Moelgg (ITA) 376, 4. Didier Cuche (SUI) 293, 5. Daniel Albrecht (SUI) 284, 6. Massimiliano Blardone (ITA) 275, 7. Marc Berthod (SUI) 249, 8. Hannes Reichelt (AUT) 245, 9. Kalle Palander (FIN) 240, 10. John Kucera (CAN) 173

Overall World Cup standings (after 39 of 40 races)


Mad River Glen
The Triple Crown Mogul Challenge scheduled for tomorrow has been re-scheduled for Saturday March 22.
Ski it if you can !

Ben Harper during the Spring Back to Vail festivities, on Saturday, April 12th. Tickets are going fast and are only $35 if purchased before March 31st
and 10 inches of FRESHNESS this morning


Zermatt - Switzerland
Travel to Rothorn, enjoy some fondue and be accompanied back down into the valley on March 20. No need to bring torches – the full moon will be shining brightly

The “Patrouille des Glaciers” is one of the most spectacular ski mountaineering races ever. Swiss Army participants and civilians will be showing off their skills on the high alpine terrain from April 16 to 20 April. Starting in Zermatt, heading to Verbier. The record for 53 km is 6 hours, 18 minutes and 48 seconds.


2008 Subaru U.S. Freeskiing Series & Freeskiing World Tour Schedule
• Subaru Jackson Hole Freeskiing Open, Jackson Hole, WY, March 13-16
• Subaru U.S. Freeskiing Nationals, Snowbird, UT, March 18-23 (World Tour #2)
• Subaru Freeskiing World Championships and Subaru U.S. Freeskiing Series Finals, Alyeska, AK, April 9-13 (World Tour #3)

For more information log onto www.usfreeskiing.com

Banner 10000132


Salt Lake City, UT,-- Some of the hottest collegiate ski and snowboard slopestyle athletes will gather at Keystone Resort in Colorado on March 28-29 for the 2008 Collegiate Nationals, a first-of-its kind event showcasing collegiate championships.

You can still register for the slopestyle competitions at the Edge® Shave Gel Collegiate Snowboarding Open Championships and the Edge® Shave Gel Collegiate Freeskiing Open Championships. Male and female snowboarders and skiers of all levels are encouraged to come out for a chance at the Edge® Shave Gel Collegiate Snowboarding Open Championship and the Edge® Shave Gel Collegiate Freeskiing Open Championship titles. In addition, winners will take away a share of the $2500 per sport cash purse. Register today at www.thecollegiatenationals.com. Registration is $25 per competitor and includes a two-day lift ticket, Saturday lunch and an event T-shirt.

Extensive television coverage of The Collegiate Nationals kicks-off with a special one-hour program airing on CBS Sports on Sunday, May 25 (2:00 PM, ET). The show will launch seven consecutive days of Olympic style programming on CBS COLLEGE SPORTS NETWORK (CSTV), followed by eight days of sport specific programming on the network. CBS College Sports Network’s coverage begins on Monday, May 26.

In its third consecutive year, The Collegiate Nationals, which emphasizes collegiate lifestyle sports, brings together athletes from over 100 different colleges and universities across the country in a range of competitive events. Competitions will be held in Keystone, CO; Reno, NV; San Diego, CA; and Boulder, CO. The 2008 Collegiate Nationals line-up brings back last year’s roster of Championships including snowboarding, wakeboarding, beach volleyball, boxing, freeskiing, weightlifting and flowboarding. For the second consecutive year, students can compete in both filmmaking and music, featuring bands and film students from colleges around the country. New for 2008, competitive eating debuts this year at Collegiate Nationals.

For more information and for college students interested in participating in The Collegiate Nationals, log on to the event’s website

National Ski Areas Association
The National Ski Areas Association is the trade association for ski area owners and operators. It represents 326 alpine resorts that account for more than 90 percent of the skier/snowboarder visits nationwide. Additionally, it has 400 supplier members who provide equipment, goods and services to the mountain resort industry.

NSAA analyzes and distributes ski industry statistics; produces annual conferences and trade shows; produces a bimonthly industry publication and is active in state and federal government affairs. The association also provides educational programs and employee training materials on industry issues including OSHA, ADA and NEPA regulations and compliance; environmental laws and regulations; state regulatory requirements; aerial tramway safety; and resort operations and guest service.

NSAA was established in 1962 and was headquartered in Springfield, Mass. In 1989 NSAA merged with SIA (SnowSports Industries America) and moved to McLean, Va. The merger was dissolved in 1992 and NSAA was relocated to Lakewood, Colo., because of its central geographic location. NSAA is located in the same office building as the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the National Ski Patrol in Lakewood, Colo., a suburb west of Denver.
National Convention & Trade Show May 28-31, 2008


Kirkwood - Ca

Over 400 Inches for the Season and Miracle March Still to Come!
Leave the One Piece at Home and Bring the Bikini to the Slopes This Weekend!

Kirkwood has now surpassed the 400 inch mark for the season. Sunny skies are forecasted for the entire weekend with temperatures in the upper 40's to 50's. Time to enjoy the corduroy and work on your tan!
If you are waking up to drizzle around the lake this weekend, keep in mind that rain at lower elevations equates to heavy snowfall accumulations at Kirkwood! With the highest base elevation in the Lake Tahoe region (7,800 feet), the forecast is calling for more than a foot of accumulation by the end of this weekend. Skiers and riders have been enjoying the best conditions in years on the slopes at Kirkwood.

Join Expedition: Kirkwood as we celebrate a "freeheeling" weekend filled with clinics, backcountry touring, gear demos, swag giveaways, a BBQ and much more! This is a great chance to spend two full days with some of top telemark skiers and backcountry guides in the region. Clinics will be offered for all ability levels and are designed to expose participants to the unlimited potential for exploration provided by telemark and backcountry touring equipment. Advanced reservations are recommended as availability is limited

Mar. 15th & 16th All Mountain 2 Day Ski Clinic
$230 for passholders/$280 includes lift tickets

Mar. 15th & 16th Women's 2 Day Ski Clinic
$230 for passholders/$280 includes lift tickets

Mar. 15th & 16th Women's 2 Day Snowboard Clinic
$230 for passholders/$280 includes lift tickets


Montafon - Austria
St. Anton im Montafon (650 m) lies at the entrance to the Montafon Valley and is popular with all holiday-makers. Here, within a radius of 2-6 km are all the requirements for an active winter holiday. The Skigebiet Golm ski area can be reached in approx 3-5 minutes free of charge and in comfort on the ski bus.

The Hochjoch, Silvretta Nova and Schafberg ski areas can also be reached in a very short time free of charge and in comfort on public transport. The athletically inclined can, depending on the snow conditions, also reach Schruns on trail-marked cross-country ski runs. St. Anton im Montafon and the parishes of Bartholomäberg and Silbertal are considered the “THREE CHARMERS

"Swinging Spring" in der Silvretta Nova - 15./16.03.08

Musikfinale in der Silvretta Nova - 22.03.08

"King of the Water" in Gargellen & Hochjoch difrfernt dates - 29.03.08
A 20 m long pool - 2 skiers or snowboarders start at the same time and on their descent to the water have to pass through gates or over jumps. The one who arrives first on the far side of the pool goes into the next round. The event promises to provide an exciting day in Gargellen.

Großes Saisonfinale am Golm - 06.04.08


Chamonix - France
Chamonix's skiing extends over 3 main areas : Brévent/Flégère, offering south-facing slopes and exceptional views of the Mont-Blanc chain, the Grands Montets, high altitude north-facing slopes which dominate the village of Argentière and the Balme area, wide open slopes at the top of the Chamonix valley, bordering on Switzerland.

Sunny spells forecast for this morning, clouding over this afternoon. Fresh snow at and above 2000 meters! Good snow conditions - snow depths between 110cm and 140cm at 2000 metres



Closed on the weekend,... gone skiing

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