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Speed Skiing - Traci Max I had a good start to the season in Vars France. I began by winning several of the training runs. On the last training run we took however, I was in 4th place by .1 mph behind the 3rd place woman. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to get back on the podium because the race was terminated early due to horrible weather conditions.

The second race of the season, I was also skiing very well, however I was not able to complete the event. In training, I was skiing incredibly well, winning many of the runs. On my final training run of the day, I hit the compression really hard and I crashed into the fencing at 163 kph, or 100 mph, which was the fastest speed of the day. The track conditions were the worst I've seen them in Canada for years. There were brown patches on the snow on the track, several jumps and a huge deficit of snow at the end of the track in the timing area. After my crash, the track was closed and they re-groomed to try to avoid more crashes like mine the following day.

When I returned to NY after Canada, I saw my knee surgeon Dr. Allen at Hospital for Special Surgery. He was the guy that did such an amazing job on my ACL over the summer. My prognosis was that I tore my MCL at the femur. The good news is that I don't have to have surgery again and I have to wear a brace for 8 weeks and do a lot of physical therapy.

Since I already purchased all of my flights for the rest of the tour, and they were restricted nonrefundable flights, I decided to follow the rest of the tour with the Swiss and US speed ski teams as a coach and wax technician. I'm very happy with this decision, although it was hard at the first race to be on the side lines. I am very happy that I've been able to continue to participate in speed skiing this year.

On a more positive note, I'm happy to say that I was able to participate in the overall team competition and the US took 2nd place in that category. In addition, if there was ever a season to miss, this was it. There have been 3 race cancellations due to lack of snow, and I don't feel that I've altogether missed out on the competition this year.

Next year in 2009, the FIS World Championships will take place in Vars France. The World Championship is an event that takes place every 2 years, just like in Alpine racing. My plan is to continue to train and work on my knee injury and be as strong as I can be before this epic event. I have almost a year to recover now, and I'm sure with your continued support I will be able to take a place on the podium in the World Championships next season.

Tracie Max Sachs

5X World Cup Champion 148.27 mph/ 238.57 kph American Speed Ski Record Indoor World Record

Traci has been a great supporter of Endless Winter Snow sharing her experiences and many of her pictures from events and the great resorts of Switzerland.
Be Fast and Be Great!

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August 15-25 - Skiing in the Southern Hemisphere at Portillo, Chile: This one of the best and most popular trips on our calendar. We have been going to Portillo for 14yrs and love every minute we spend there. Portillo is an amazing place with spectacular Andean scenery and lots of charisma. The NASTC Portillo trip offers great terrain, warm hospitality, great camaraderie and lots of fun. A day at Portillo usually begins with a big breakfast in the dining room at our designated table, then outside for a morning of drills and lots of skiing. We ski back to the hotel for lunch and then back out onto the hill for more skiing and coaching. At the end of the ski day, we come back to the hotel and enjoy the Chilean tradition of "Onces" or afternoon tea followed by a tech talk and video analysis in the movie theatre. There is sometime to relax, enjoy the amenities of the hotel and have a cocktail before dinner is served. If you still have energy left, the disco is a popular place at nighttime. The time spentat
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