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Alshan, Inner Mongolia
Alshan Ski Resort is located in Alshan city, Inner Mongolia, close to the boundary of China - Mongolia , surrounded by primitive forests, with the resort covering some 10KM? There are average snowing periods of 180days from Nov to Apr with soft Winds, while the resort contains mainly country and alpine trails.
This resort if also reaches downtown Alshan, there are two main trails, the western hill area covers 5.5KM?for competition and training and is professionally maintained, mainly for country skiing with 1500, 2000, 2500, 4000, 5000 trails, and the eastern hill area covers 4KM?for alpine ski and snow entertainment.
Every December Alshan holds an Ice & Snow Festival. It's a pretty resort and a lot of fun if you're looking to get off the track a bit.

And this guy just isn't doing his job YET. Yo Frosty, How about some Snow?

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Nov 19 Tentative Opening Day Ski/Snowboard Operations
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Dinner at Seven Glaciers Restaurant
Nov 25 Sears Mall Gift Certificate Sales Begin
Nov 30 5-day Ski/Snowboard Operations Begin (Tentative)

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