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Iceland Park Project
Since its conception in the summer of 2001 the Iceland Park Project’s impact has been phenomenal. Our inaugural camp in 2002 came out of nowhere on a shoestring budget and received more media coverage than any other European camp and since then IPP has gone from strength to strength especially with the help of our sponsor Nikita who have facilitated a huge improvement in our facilities. Run by three head shapers hailing from the legendary SPC55 Camps in Austria, IPP has proven it can deliver what it set out to do - namely to build a top quality park in a spectacular landscape, create a relaxed atmosphere where pros and guests ride together and to supply the snowboard media with unique and spectacular images. The following list of coverage is testament to just that. The 2005-06 winter is upon us and already IPP is featuring heavily in magazines and films around the world. The park itself is situated near to the top of the Snaefelles Glacier, reputed to be one of the seven ‘energy centres’ of the world!. A normal day up the hill at IPP involves a twenty minute van ride up the dirt road to the snowline. From there, depending on snow conditions, it is a five to ten minute hike or a short cat ride or sled tow to the main park area. Once in the park it’s a full hiking experience and as the park is never crowded this adds to the chilled and all-together atmosphere that IPP is all about Iceland Park Project
from Patrick Thorne of snow365.com


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