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Snow Alert for Cardrona - New Zealand

La Grave - France OPEN
Hautes-Alpes et Isere en France - SNOW REPORT _____________ Derniere chute de neige : le 10 Avril 2006 ____________________________________________ 1- Telepherique des Glaciers la Meije Attention : Itinéraires de haute-montagne Hauteur de neige en bas à 1800 m (P1) : 30 cm Hauteur de neige au milieu à 2400 m : 130 cm Hauteur de neige en haut à 3300 m : 200 cm (glacier) Ouverture : Tous les jours suivant conditions nivo-meteo informations : http://www.la-grave.com e-mail : info@la-grave.com _______________________________________ 2- Stade de Neige de la Meije Le Chazelet (04 76 79 95 73) Ouverture : OUVERT / OPEN Pistes ouvertes : 5/5 pistes Hauteur de neige en bas à 1800 m : 40 cm Hauteur de neige en haut à 2100 m : 90 cm informations : http://www.ski-meije.fr e-mail : info@la-grave.com ________________________________________ 3- Stade de Neige de la Meije Lautaret (04 92 24 41 25) Ouverture : FERME / CLOSED Pistes ouvertes : 0/4 pistes Hauteur de neige en bas à 2000 m : - - - Hauteur de neige en haut à 2300 m : - - - informations : La grave e-mail : info@la-grave.com

SPEED SKI - Traci Max Sachs
The speed ski season has come to an end and I’m am very excited to announce that not only did I break my personal record, I broke the American women’s record, and I also won the overall World Cup Globe for the 4th consecutive year!

At the Pro Mondial in Les Arcs France, I was skiing very well. On the second day of the race, I broke my personal record by one kilometer an hour. Going in to the finals, my new personal best speed was 228.85 km/ h. The night before the finals, I was a bit nervous and I was really hoping the conditions would be good so that I could attempt to break the American women’s record of 131.66 set by Caroline Curl in 1997. I had the best run of my life so far, and I was shocked to see the speed on the chronometer marked at 238.57 km/h. That’s 148.27 mph!!! I now have the 3rd fastest speed in the history of women’s skiing, behind Karine Dubachet and new women’s record holder Sanna Tidstrand. The men’s world record was also broken at this race, by Simone Origone who skied 251 km/h. There were also 3 other men who skied over 250 km/h including, Philippe May, Jonathan Moret, and Ivan Origone. At the FIS World Cup Finals in Verbier, I came in second place and earned enough points to win the overall FIS World Cup Championships for the 4th consecutive season. I’m so happy with my performance this year, and I’m already looking forward to next season. Each year it gets more difficult to find sponsors, and press coverage, so if you have any connections in the media, please share my story with them. I appreciate your support! Be Fast and Be Great! Tracie Max Sachs
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Boy has it snowed! Due to popular demand here's some more pics of the reults of the blizzard over the last 48 hours.

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