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This is to introduce the newest member Traci Max (speed) Sachs.I am eXtremely gratefull that she said, " I would be happy to be a part of it." Traci is a professional speed skier ( face melting speeds ). You are advised to roll up the windows of a car around 110 mph to stop your ear drums from being sucked out! Do I have your attention.This Lady in Red has been speed skiing for five years and is ranked number one in the world.Her fastest speed achieved so far is 142.2 mph, or 227,850 km/h. One hundred & forty two blistering miles per hour. I sent her a e-mail asking for a elite females input viewpoint and she was kind enough to reply the same day. To Really grasp her 'Fast world', have a look at her personal list of accomplishments on her site.Her list of victories, World Cup races, is longer than my cerimonial 214's,... way longer! She has graciuosly given premisssion to use her collection of photos from her home in Switzerland,... say hello to Walter at the viktoria rest next time you're in Zermatt,.. Her great photos make my knees twitch wanting to Wax up, Click in, and jump on down!. Follow her demanding schedule at,QuickChick.com.We look forward to hearing from her as time allows. I especially encourage females to get involved and follow her lead,.... if ya can? Thanks Traci!

Running with the Devil..., Brother Bob that I previously worked for and went with me to Hong Kong with to set up a Dry slope Slope8.com will be Hiking Mt. Baldy Utah this Sat am for his usual exercise "500" turns, off season pouching. And then there is Annie, looking for more competition next season in the Extreme Skiing events. A year ago Annie took a line down "West Face" at Squaw while I took a Bill Johnson DH "saddle run" on my gs11's, she whipped my sorry ego into an age appropriate perspective... These girls Rock!
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