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Mission Statement, to BOLDLY GO....

MISSION STATEMENT: ENDLESS WINTER SNOW is about The steep, deep, extreme & unique International Big Mountain skiing & snowboarding resorts news, events, updates and related subjects.Also included is travel industry news,accomidations,budgeting suggestions and resources.It is my intent to bring a wide spectrum of snow sports related topics, to a consortium single source portal with greater PEAK experience information available in wireless (RSS-XML) format.

This is also part of a continuing adventure with the Mountains , Resorts, chasing Winter with a group of friends.
My season ( cycle ) typically would start at Timberline ( Mt Hood ), mid Sept, to Sierra crest ( Donner Pass ) or my friends referred to as the ( TDB, Bill , Tie Dye Crew ) at Round Top Sonora Pass or Tioga Pass ( Ellery Chute / Dana Cyn ).
Oct usually is a time I take time for traveling to ( Indoor slopes & Dry slopes ), John's www.slope8.com YES you can snowboard in Hong Kong.
Kent's www.adventureski.comSan Diego Ca and Sam's http://www.endlesslope.com/ Sacramento,Ca The powers that be, referred to as FROSTY, were with me this year Big Time. Lord of the Boards, "Mr. C " opened Squaw on Oct 30th ,Halloween Weekend. All are welcome!
And away we Go ,.........