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Couldn't wait for the Icer event in SF and couldn't wait until the lifts started running. Endless Slope of Sacramento has a location at pier 38 on the water in San Francisco. 17 degrees of nearly unlimited vertical.
Mihcael J. with one of the bay are clubs was there to prompt me into monoboarding. After typical "lets rip" a few turns into 500 and a solid thump, Sam of endless slope put down some tape centerline so that I could work on timimg ( gates) alternating side to side of tape per cycle.
It is understood that not everyone can ski or ride every month of the year. If you have not skied a deck, your friends will learn quickly, and once technique is etched into muscle memory, Decks are a great way to maintain timing, develop independent leg action ( balance) .
Photo above from a previous debut of endless slope near Sacramento Ca. EndlessSlope is listed in the Dry Slope index.