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This past Sunday I spent With Sam M. of snowzone Endless Slope S.F. - Sacramento.With gas prices as they are the thought of driving to Yosemite, the toll for the National Park, then a 2-3 hrs hike to earn my turns, There is an different way to carve turns when there is no or little snow or wallet issues.October is my own "Alternate slopes" month. Last year I was handed a gift with early snowfall coverage that allowed The Tahoe resorts to open for Halloween. This year Colorado may benefit with 16-20 inches in Summit County yesaterday. Then there are the rest of us. Stationary dry slopes give you the outdoor experience with the sun in your face and wind at your back, so to speak. Conveyor ( rolling slopes, moving mountains Magic Carpets ) offer nearly endless verticle for a sustained cardio work out.Photo above is Sam of Endlesslope.com

The bottom photo is from my collection. This indoor arena is in Shenzen China. While visiting friends at Slope Infinity in Hong Kong, I ventured across the border to a theme park called "Windows of the World" that is home to the "Ski Chalet" indoor slope. It may not be the most challenging slope you have ever been on however, there is a small knoll for jumps, no lift line for the platter, stone face Ice to make you carve like being a watered down race track.
Since I do not speak Mandarin, my boot bag with ( 80+ degree temps outside )raised a couple eyebrows and staff seemed anxious to help me select my rental skis for the session.I started with a sno-bike just to let 'em know I was going to have fun. A sno-bike with a platter lift never had crossed my mind before? .... That was fun. After getting a feel for the slopes icy base and granular shaved top layer, old school ballet seemed like the best way to get a smile. Inside 360 edges / outside 360 etc to warm up then edging drills on alternating legs for agility.

If you traveling soon before your home base resort opens,dry slopes and indoor domes are a good way to mirror the muscle mechanics, and get a cardio workout while getting some of the groove atmosphere. Running, biking and strenght training are all wonderful. There is something to be said for the mental psychological factor of putting the boots on and clicking in. Rock garden Zen